1760000.00 Rp. Zoom G7.1ut Effect Gitar - Bekasi Kab. Ambon

Published date: Maret 24, 2023
  • Lokasi: Ambon, Maluku, Indonesia

zoom g7.1ut effect gitar

⭕ mau di jual gan effect gitar ane. barang masih bagus 95% ( lecet2 dikit aja karena pemakaian ) tombol2, pedal, soket dan knop masih berfungsi 100% ga ada masalah.
kelengkapan ada effect dan kabel adaptor.
Dus dan manual sudah hilang.


● Latest technology for top performance
Excellent sound quality is assured by signal processing featuring 96 kHz/24 bit sampling and internal
32-bit processing. Frequency response remains flat to 40 kHz, and input converted noise is an amazing
-120 dB or better. The built-in USB port serves for direct connection to a computer. You can use the
G7.1ut as audio interface for the computer, allowing direct recording with the supplied DAW software.

● Versatile array of 92 effects
Out of a versatile palette of 92 effects, up to nine (including ZNR) can be used simultaneously. Recreate
the sound of famous amps and compact effects, use the 6-band guitar equalizer, or select from many
other great effects. The G7.1ut easily surpasses the usual feature complement in this class.

● Ready-to-go patches
Effect module combinations and settings can be stored and recalled as patches. The G7.1ut offers 80
preset patches that are ready to use right out of the box, plus 80 user patches which can be freely
rewritten, giving you a total of 160 choices. The muting interval when switching patches has been
reduced to less than 7 milliseconds, which makes for virtually seamless patch changes.

● Great for stage work or direct recording
The pre-amp section features two channels, and each distortion type has two dedicated algorithms, one
for live playing and one for direct recording. The CABINET effect simulates amp and mic recording
characteristics, and the algorithm is automatically switched according to the CABINET on/off setting.
An amp select feature matches the sound to the amp you are using. Connecting the G7.1ut to the power
amplifier input of the guitar amp is no problem: simply set the -10 dBm/+4 dBm switch to the +4 dBm

● Built-in auto-chromatic tuner supports special tuning requirements
In addition to the standard auto-chromatic tuner, various other tuning methods are possible. The tuner is
designed to allow easy use on stage.

● Expression pedal supplied as standard
Adjust effect tone or volume in real time with the expression pedal that is built right into the unit. The
possibilities for creative play are endless. The CONTROL IN jack on the rear panel lets you connect an
external pedal (FP01/FP02) and use it as a dedicated volume pedal.

● Tube powered energizer
The tube-based Energizer shapes the analog output signal to produce that characteristic warm and
dynamic sound that is the hallmark of a tube amplifier.

● Programmable function switch
The user-programmable function switch further enhances flexibility and lets you optimize the unit for
any application. Use it to switch pre-amp channels, set the delay time, turn hold delay on and off, or for
various other tasks.

Nomor telepon ✆ 08571148120

Ambon, Maluku

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